LawCloud Service Status Dashboard

This Dashboard shows the Health Status of Services on LawCloud. 

**  Last updated: Sun February 21, 2021 10:17 am **

Systems healthy. Fully Operational.


Systems healthy. Fully Operational.


Systems healthy. Fully Operational.

All LawCloud Systems are Operational.

If you are experiencing problems, check your Internet for Speed and Reliability or for Service Provider issues.

Check reliability with a broadband speed test

Check for known Internet Issues with down detector

Systems are fully Operational

All LawCloud Systems and Services are reporting healthy.

Scheduled Maintenance Work

Schedule of maintenance work on LawCloud:

  • Pulsant – Up to date. Last update October 24th 2020 to 4.10.111a.
  • GCI – Up to date. Last update October 17th 2020, to 4.10.111a.
  • Proact – Last update October 17th 2020, to 4.10.111a.
  • During an update time window, any sessions active will be ended automatically.
  • It is vital that you save your work and log out of LawCloud by this time.
  • The service will be available again once the work is completed.

Versions 4.10.110b & 4.10.111a enable integration with FormEvo electronic forms along with a number of other bug fixes and improvements. You can download the version notes by following the icon link below.

Reported Downtime Issues

There are no known downtime issues on the LawCloud Platform. All services are Healthy.

  • You may want to check the performance of your local broadband – Click here
  • You may want to check with your Internet Service Provider for issues – Click here
  • You may want to contact your own IT Support to troubleshoot any networking issues.
  • If your systems are still not working normally, please contact our support team and we’ll do our best to help.

Service Disruption Notice

There are no reported service disruptions

If you are experiencing any other issues, please refer to the section above.

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